Spring Smiles, Straightening teeth for a special occasion

There is something about Spring that makes us smile.  Whether it’s as simple as some much-needed sun or you may have a special occasion coming up, this time of year seems a great time for a smile makeover.

The pandemic has taken over our lives for the past 2 years but we’re slowly emerging into something that feels normal again.  Restrictions for social gatherings meant that many couples had the disappointment of cancelling weddings, and birthday parties and special occasions were sadly missed.  At the Oxford Orthodontic Centre, we offer Invisalign treatment to straighten teeth and give your smile a boost so that you can look and feel your very best.

If you are getting married, attending a wedding or you just want to feel great about yourself then Invisalign offers a discreet way to straighten your teeth compared to a traditional metal brace that uses brackets and wires. The prospect of wearing a traditional brace for an extended period puts many adults off orthodontic treatment. 

With Invisalign each clear aligner is custom designed to fit over the teeth and slowly move them into the desired position. As your teeth slowly move into place, you’ll switch to a new set of custom fitted aligners as instructed by your dentist.

Make Invisalign part of your wedding planning, so that you look and feel amazing on your big day. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign will give great results and will not get in the way of any of your pre-wedding appointments or events.  If you’re already conscious about posing for your wedding photos, then straightening your teeth will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.  A great smile is an asset to be proud of – on your wedding day and every day!

In amongst the preparations for the big day Invisalign can be discreetly straightening your teeth.  Invisalign clear aligners must be worn 20 to 22 hours a day to be the most effective, but you can work this around an engagement party, or a stag or hen party.  No one will even notice you are straightening your teeth and if you’re planning on having a few drinks you can remove the aligners completely to avoid staining them.

Some brides and grooms also experience an unexpected but welcome side effect of Invisalign – weight loss. Having to remove the aligners for meals and snacks will make you think twice about reaching for snacks - a great perk for a wedding diet!  With straight teeth, you will not only look outstanding on your wedding day, but you will have an amazing smile to last a lifetime. Your teeth will be easier to take care of, and therefore healthier.

If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth with Invisalign then spring into action and take advantage of our free initial consultation.  The Oxford Orthodontic Centre is a registered Invisalign provider.  Why not contact us today for your free video consultation and say I do to Invisalign this Spring.